View Full Version : Torrent creates different every time ???

2007-09-25, 02:44 PM
I've tried to upload a torrent to this site, ( after uploading a few succesfully ) and after creating the torrent it only uploaded 99.96%
I thought I might have left a folder open when creating the torrent, but I knew I hadn't because I did this once before on another site, and once you've done this you don't do it again. You make sure you don't even look in it before creating a torrent.
I created another torrent as a fix and was sure it would load 100% but again 99.96%. The original torrent had a problem in dvd 1 Vob 1, the fix had an error in dvd 2 vob 2, I even tried again and made another torrent, again 99.96% error in dvd 1 vob 2.
Any ideas what could be wrong ???
I created the checksums yesterday with traders little helper and they came up no errors.

Cheers Lobby

2007-09-25, 04:00 PM
Did you at one point open the show in your PC DVD player? I had one person then have problems creating a torrent that would go to 100% after he did that. He actually needed to restart the computer before making the torrent.

Is it *you* who is getting to 99.9% or your co-seeder? He will only get to 99.9% until he can download the two md5 files that you added to the show. Then he should reach 100%. Until then, it will look like he is also missing a part of another file in the show because bittorrent does everything in 'chunks' and I'm sure the md5s will belong to the same 'chunk' as another file in the torrent.

2007-09-25, 04:30 PM
I've re-started my computer a few times tonight and haven't touched the folder since the restarts.

It's me thats getting to 99.96% and when I look to see where the error is it's in a different Vob folder every time in the VideoTS folder.
I was creating my torrents with Azures and then changed too Traders Little Helper ,which said no errors,but when I tried to upload the torrent there was an error but once again in adifferent Vob folder.