View Full Version : Volume on music decreases after show is burned to CD

2007-09-24, 09:25 PM
OK so here's what's happening..

I burn an audio show to CD using Toast, on a Mac. I do nothing to change the volume before I burn the show. Listening to the CD through iTunes, the volume is really low, even at a "loud" volume through my speakers.

When I play the original FLAC file through VLC, with the same speaker setup and the volume control in VLC halfway (same as in Itunes), the sound is a lot louder.

Why when I burn the show does the audio get so slow? This definitely is a problem...I can't say it happens on every show, but I notice it sometimes.


2007-09-24, 11:12 PM
try decoding one of the FLAC files to a temp aif file, then play that alongside the same song from the audio cdr, both in iTunes & pls let us know how it compares then.

2007-09-25, 07:33 AM
Is it possible the files are getting normalized as an option? This would take the high volume tracks and the low volume tracks and equalize the volume across all of them. maybe the ones you are testing used to be high volume tracks and got normalized lower?

2007-09-25, 04:43 PM
Or maybe iToonz is normalizing for playback? Or maybe the CD player line is lower than the sound card out level?
How does the nurnt disc play in a regular home CD player?