View Full Version : Amy Winehouse - banned - I Tunes 2007 show

2007-09-21, 07:37 PM
This show was banned here because the source was a sat FM broadcast, that is ok although this show is still running on a other side.

The show was upped twice on another "losslesss" site but banned again, the reason this time : Officially available for d/l at the I - Tunes store.

Is a live concert that was aired by satellite weeks ago and now is available for a fee required download a officially release ? The show was broadcasted again two days ago on a different station and there is and AFAIK there will be no CD release of this show, but this is official anyhow ? Liberated (lossless & paid) downloads from Pearl Jam are available for free just a click away, so where is the difference and what did I miss ?

All in all more than 15 shows from the I Tunes Festival 2007 were broadcasted and all shows are not for free trade ?

2007-09-22, 06:23 AM
My guess is you have to pay for it, then it is not considered free to trade here. The band is getting a cut therefore it is considered official.

Plus you pretty much have to pay for a Winehouse recording the way she cancels shows.

2007-09-22, 09:34 AM
yes, it would be considered official if its available on iTunes or any other legitimate music-selling website...as possessed said, the band/label is getting a cut and downloadable albums are viewed the same as a store bought CD

2007-09-22, 11:04 AM
Except with about 1/10th the quality of a store bought CD.