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2007-09-20, 04:02 PM
I've downloaded various shows here.
They usually include two folder VIDEO_TS and EXTRAS_TS

VIDEO_TS include xxx.BUP, xxx.IFO and xxx.VOB files.
EXTRAS_TS include xxx.md5 etc. Sometimes this md5 files is located in the root.


I use Nero Express to burn to disc. However, I'm not able to burn folders using the DVD Video-program. It just picks the bup/ifo/vob files and write them to disc.

Any recommendations or hints?

Need to get that Gov't Mule video to disc :clap:

2007-09-20, 04:09 PM
Use Nero Express. Click on Burn video files. drag the video_ts folder onto the video_ts drop. hit burn.


Use Nero Express. Click burn data dvd. drag both video and xtras_ts drop. hit burn. This will burn a DVD that will retain the md5 txt etc. for future reference.

2007-09-20, 04:25 PM
^what he said... but if you want to add the EXTRAS_TS folder, burn in data mode (default). Keep the name of the disc in caps with no weird characters ()(*&^$*^%#etc). Create empty AUDIO_TS and drop in the VIDEO_TS folder you downloaded.

ps please use the search function, this is thread #100 on this topic

2007-09-20, 05:02 PM
sorry and thanks!
works! yihaa!!! :clap: