View Full Version : Hiss on acoustic recording...can anyone help

2007-09-20, 03:32 AM
I recorded an acoustic show last night and got more hiss than i expected.The first set seems to be fine,but the second set is suprisingly hissy.As it was a cocktail bar and there was a bit of noise,i put the mic next to the speaker,and obviously set my levels pretty low.Seems like they must have been too low as there is a lot of hiss,and its a shame as it could have been a listenable recording with neXt to no audience noise.I have no experience with trying to improve this kind of problem,as ive tried and always made it sound worse.Has anyone( preferable in the uk) got enough experience with this kind of thing to give it a go??.Any help is appreciated.Il try and post a sample so you can hear how bad it is.

2007-09-20, 03:39 AM
Here is a sample.....can this recording be saved??


2007-09-20, 08:50 AM
Where did you record it with? The hiss sounds more like compressed ambiance to me. IMHO there isn't much that you can do with it. If you shave off the hiss you'll lose everything else on that frequency. You can then try to crank it up again but in all probability it will see a return of the hiss.

2007-09-20, 09:39 AM
I never seem to have much luck recording acoustic stuff.Maybe the best way is to record through the sound desk.Thanks karst for answering,i appreciate the info.