View Full Version : Digi Cam recommendations anyone?

2007-09-18, 03:01 PM
I am thinking about getting a compact digi cam, primarily for shooting photos but also for capturing video every once in a while. The world of digi cams is a little overwhelming. so if anyone here has any recommendations that'd be much appreciated.

I don't care if the cam costs a little more, I prefer quality over low budget bargain prices. From the top of my head I'd say anything up to 400 bucks is ok.

The better the image quality the better.

The higher the capacity for capturing video the better (even though this probably is more a question of large memory sticks, right?!)

The more compact the better, even though size isn't everything.


2007-09-18, 03:07 PM
I like the Sony H2-H7 in that price range.

The Nikon D40 (not the D40x it's much more) can be had for 500 I think... may be a little more. It's a really nice Digital SLR. Which means it accepts detachable lenses. It's far superior in terms of flexibility but it is also bigger and doesn't have a preview on the back.... you look through the viewfinder. This is the same as all SLR cameras.

2007-09-18, 03:33 PM
awesome, thanks