View Full Version : DVD Decrypter hang up problems

2007-09-10, 02:49 PM
Does anyone know what the deal is with DVD Decrypter (DVDD)?

I have used it on my current PC system a number of times.

The last time I used it was this a.m.

Later on in the afternoon I wanted to burn an ISO file to DVD; just as I did earlier in the morning without incident.

Now that I want to burn an ISO file to DVD - I open DVDD and it gets hung up searching for SCSI and other terms that are baffling.

I can't open the ISO file to burn to DVD like I did in the a.m.

In fact, I can't close the program right away without it hanging up my whole system for a spell.

To break it I have to reboot the computer - cold reboot. i can't shut it down from the screen - I have to press the on/ff button on the tower to shut it down! :disbelief

Maybe I should only use DVDD in the a.m. as this seems to be the best time for it? :rolleyes: :hmm:

Any theories on the causes of such looniness other than Haliburton are welcomed.

p.s.: I don't know how long it takes to get over the "initialising disc" message!

i usually close it out because I think it's hanging up.

How long do I have to wait for initialization? 1 hour? :disbelief

pps: I also have unisntalled/re-installed DVDD thrice today and it still is hanging up.

The initialising disc message is still going for those keeping track of time. (10 min!).