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2007-09-05, 03:23 PM
I'm on SBC yahoo (central IL) and my isp has recently started doing something to my BT traffic. I'm downloading a torrent with 26 seeds, connected to 17 of them, and my speed is only about 100 k/s (my max capacity on an http download is 300 k/s). I'm using utorrent with forced encryption and no legacy connections. I've tried using VOIP ports as well as random ones, none of which is helping....I'm on a router. I read something about setting up an SSH tunnel, but have no idea what this is...anyone have suggestions or methods they use?

also, only my download is being affected, NOT my upload. This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

edit-using the whois port now and speeds have gone up, but still not to peak

2007-09-05, 03:28 PM
i should also mention that my ports are not forwarded (tried it several times, each of which resulted in my modem shutting down for about 72 hours)

2007-09-05, 03:33 PM
It depends on how many more people are leeching as well. Some seeds are very, very slow because some people download 10 shows at once, which leads to very slow upload speeds. It's not you, its the people you are downloading from it sounds like.

2007-09-05, 03:38 PM
BS. I'd usually be getting much faster speeds from a torrent with 25+ seeds

2007-09-05, 03:55 PM
I just took a look at that show and I agree with you in that you should be getting much better speeds. There are some seeders on there with upload pipes I am envious of (375?!?!). :)

I haven't heard of yahoo doing any traffic shaping, but with comcast doing it so successfully, who knows what yahoo could be up to now.

Are you on a wireless? Could you have someone else using it? Have you tried turning off your bittorrent (and any other application that download or uploads heavily) and doing a speed test? I know my ISP has been real flaky lately and my speeds will suddenly be reduced for several minutes at a time.

2007-09-05, 03:57 PM
ISPs are starting to clamp down on torrents theres an article here about it somewhere thats probably whats happening

2007-09-05, 06:57 PM
also, only my download is being affected, NOT my upload. This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Is it possible you have your up speed set too high, and it's affecting your ability to download? You might want to try capping your up speed a bit lower or using some traffic shaping yourself.

2007-09-05, 09:55 PM
nah, not whats happening--my up has never affected my down before

2007-09-06, 07:19 AM
Bet you've been put on the Fair Usage Policy list that all ISPs have rhino chap.
Same happened to me.
Now during peak hours (6-11) i only have 1/2 a meg :mad: