View Full Version : SBE's 2 Fix Or Not 2 Fix??

2007-08-25, 01:04 AM
Hi all, am fairly new to the bootleg scene but have been feverishly collecting a heap of prince boots, now as i want to retain these perfectly i have been investigating the Trader's Litle Helper everyone mentions.

So i have downloaded a couple of boots that have SBE's (not from here mind you) according to TLH. Now as i do not have the original source, is it fine for me to repair these SBE's and regenerate footprints, md5 etc.. my logic thinks this would result in 1000's of diff fp's for the same albums??

like i said, am fairly new to all of this but would like to make sure all my .flac boots conform to standards so as i do not upload/seed bad data, so any advice is appreciated..

Thank You! :wave:

2007-08-25, 01:15 AM
Actually, if two people download the same set with SBEs and both 'fix' it, you should end up with identical sets and therefore identical footprints. You should definitely note the SBE correction in your lineage though.

2007-08-25, 01:37 AM
so for exampple i came across a boot i have been after, only its not from a site like this where all is done properly and i have no lineage for it, but i do know it is a real boot.. how would i mark the lineage for that??

do i just mark it as .torrent(flac) > .flac 6 (Repaired Sectors)

sorry for the lame questions, i just prefer to do things right first time round ;)

2007-08-25, 01:47 AM
Well, first off, what do you mean by a "real boot"? The reason I ask is that if you are talking about one from an actual pressed Silver CD, then we require complete lineage from the Silver CD to the lossless files (including a requirement of EAC to be used for extraction).

If, however, you are talking about a live show, then we are a bit more lenient on lineage. You should first check around, like over at etree, to see if the show is listed there. You can even search on fingerprints, so you may be able to find the full lineage on the show there if the fingerprints match up. Usually, you can write the lineage as at least something like:
audience > unknown equipment and unknown transfer > flac

And then you would modify it to include the SBE fix:
audience > unknown equipment and unknown transfer > flac > TLH (to fix SBEs) > flac

Something like that. The best thing to do if you are unsure is to post in the
Seeding/Lineage thread here for some help on how to write it out. Just let us know as much as possible about the show as you got it and then exactly what you did to fix it and we can help you write it out as accurately as possible. Also, when downloading shows for now on, take a look at the lineage and you will start to get an idea of how it should be written. If you can tell exactly what equipment and application is being used to do everything, then it is probably well written lineage.

2007-08-25, 02:16 AM
thank you very much for all that, very helpful indeed.

by 'real boots' i guess yes i am referring to pressed silver cd's as compared to say a fan using a mobile and throwing it on youtube or the like, then finding it's way to a torrent somwhere..

i shall follow your advice and try to verify and correct what i have, make sure the lineage is all up to scratch and from now on i shall only touch those that i can tell the lineage of i think.

Thanks for your help, it is appreciated and thanx for the effort on such a great site :clap: