View Full Version : How do I rip the MPEG file from a DVD?

2007-08-24, 05:58 AM
I want to rip the MPEG file from a DVD with out losing the quality.

Which is the best program to do this with?


2007-08-24, 07:22 AM
I suggest AutoGK and ripping it into XVID personally.

That's what I do and I have great success using this guide.


Was there any reason you wanted it to be mpeg?

2007-08-24, 08:33 AM
I want to do this so I can edit the video, I'll check out the link.


2007-08-24, 09:06 AM
with all due respect to the guy above, autogk conversion to xvid is lossy. (I rip alot of dvds using the tool, and it is great for what it does, but it is lossy) It is the similar to divx. Both area used to compress dvd to avi files which are much smaller than the original and then shared by naughty people on torrent sites. (if you want to get technical, avi is just a container)

If you want to extract the video from vob files on a dvd wihtout causing a loss in quality go to this link andhave a read. They make suggestions of several tools which can do the job.


2007-08-24, 03:10 PM
what dvd

2007-08-28, 07:49 AM
This is what I do:

Use 'DVDShrink' to copy the DVD structure. Make sure you highlight the 'no compression' option. It will make a direct copy to your HHD as .VOB files.

Then open them up in DVDLabPro and choose the option to 'join all VOB's as 1 file'. Once you have the VOB file you can then use DVDLabPro to 'demux' that VOB file.

You will then have 2 files. 1 will be the Mpeg (video) and the other will be the audio (ac3, LPCM, etc...).

Then you can do all the edits and then author the DVD again.


2007-08-29, 11:35 AM
You don't need any program to make an MPG file from DVD (*.vob). Make a *.bat file with the following code - depends how many *.vob files your DVD contains:

copy /b vts_01_1.vob + vts_01_2.vob + vts_01_3.vob + vts_01_4.vob outputFile.mpg

Don't include any vts_xx_0.vob file as it is non editable menu. If your DVD has more than one track (separate video) it need to be converted to MPG separately. Additional tracks are numbered vts_02_x.vob, vts_03_x.vob etc.

For most DVD authoring programs it's preferable to demux = separate MPG container into audio and video. The best is Project X as it allows to cut unwanted parts as well: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/ProjectX or http://www.videohelp.com/tools/PVAStrumento