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2007-08-21, 06:50 PM
How do I burn something in 24bit? And what is the best playback format? Thanks in advance! wm

2007-08-21, 07:00 PM
At the present moment as far as I know you can only burn 24 bit onto a DVD-A and playback on any DVD playback system.

2007-08-21, 07:30 PM
Take a look at this link: http://24bit.turtleside.com/

2007-08-21, 09:26 PM
What Lynne said.

DVD-Audiofile is excellent (and free) for creating DVD-Audio discs. You need a DVD-Audio/Video player to play these discs. :cool:

Audio DVD creator is great ($40) for creating audio only DVD-Video discs (16/48, 24/48, 24/96 only). Those are great esp. if you only have a regular DVD-Video player. :)

2007-08-22, 02:07 AM
nero will burn dvda just fine...

2007-08-22, 02:36 AM
Did Nero just add this feature? Cause the FLAC or WAV files have to be authored to .AOB, .IFO, and .BUP files first. I know you can burn the .iso that DVD-Audiofile creates with Nero, but DVD-A authoring and burning in Nero is new to me.

2007-08-22, 02:59 AM
been able to do it for a while now

2007-08-22, 08:10 PM
I updated to Nero Ultra and couldn't find any options on the menus or in Nero Burning Rom for authoring and burning DVD-Audio. Maybe you are talking about authoring an audio only DVD-Video disc with Nero Vision, jcrab66? I couldn't figure out how to do even that from a 24/96 .wav. I couldn't find any info on the Nero site about DVD-A authoring and burning. How long has Nero been able to do this, because this site: http://24bit.turtleside.com/ which was updated in July 2006, doesn't say anything about Nero being able to author and burn DVD-Audio.

ONES is much better for burning DVD-Video anyway, because it doesn't occasionally alter files like Nero does. I burned a few dual layer DVD-Videos, and on some discs Nero altered the .bup and .ifo files, and all the menu functions didn't work properly. I couldn't access some bonus material.

2007-08-23, 11:46 AM
ONES is much better for burning DVD-Video anyway, because it doesn't occasionally alter files like Nero does. I burned a few dual layer DVD-Videos, and on some discs Nero altered the .bup and .ifo files, and all the menu functions didn't work properly. I couldn't access some bonus material.
Nero only alters them if you're burning in 'video disc' mode fwiw

if you burn in ISO mode (data) and create yer own empty AUDIO_TS folder the bup and ifo will remain unaltered. This way you also get the option to add an EXTRAS_TS folder containing the txt, md5 and artwork (if available). Much better this way because you can always find the stuff you downloaded with the dvd and it will play on 99% of players.

2007-08-23, 02:37 PM
http://www.linnrecords.com/linn-dvd-audio.aspx :cool:

2007-09-12, 09:10 PM
I am glad this came up. I was using Nero for a long time to make DVDA discs, but they are actually data dvds.

I now however use disc welder chrome , and find that there is no comparison. I would like to know how some of these dvda discs on this and other sites are not showing any audio files in the dvd folders. From what I understand a DVDA has aob files in the Audio-Ts folder and nothing in the Video-Ts folder.
Anyway I guess my question is how can we tell if a dvda on this site or anywhere else is real or if it is in it's orignal form? with AOB files instead of Vob files. My audio dvd creator just creates vob files in the video-ts folder ,and nothing in the audio-ts folder. Everything I've read so far, and I have a long way to go, say a true dvda has aob files and an audio-ts folder.

Are boots like the zeppelin Badgeholders dvda real or someone made it with audio dvd creator. Do the real bootlegs have aob files? and if so they should maybe stay that way since they will burn just like any other dvd. they should not be converted to vob files, IMHO

I would really like to know from someone who has a few bought dvda's what files are really on them. That would help my outlook on this a whole lot. I got a feeling that the bootleggers are not using real dvda recording equipment to make these dvda's, and they are using regular dvd recording programs ,and sellling them as dvda's.

P.S. - can I make dvda's and upload them on this site if I am not losing any quality by making a real dvda with a program like disc welder? I have made a few so far ,and they sound great. I don't care either way, I make for my own self, but I have a feeling others have done this as well. I feel that only the true bootleg originals should be allowed, and dvda's home made should stay on vines. I f this is allowed this may really get out of hand. On one hand I can convert a whole 3 cd concert onto a dvda and make it surround sound, and fit it on one dvda. I am not sure if to start doing this and reuploading as new torrents is very practical.

How do you check to see if a dvda is homemade or a boot? how exactly can you check this as well as the other music?

not tryin to get anyone mad saying they are making own dvda's, i am just tryin to learn what is what with these things.

lol, evan772 :hmm:

2007-09-13, 03:48 AM
Just like DVD-Videos that are seeded here you could create an .md5 checksum to make sure all the data verifies and that no one has changed it.

DVD-Video can't use 16/44.1 files, they have to be upsampled to 16/48. This loses a little bit of quality and should be avoided. So if you know that a DVD-A circulates of a show that was sourced from 16/44.1 files, and all sources of a show only circulate as 16/44.1, and you see that same show appear in audio only DVD-Video, then you know it was upsampled, unless they did a new transfer of an analog tape, or used a 16/48 DAT > 16/48 .wav files > author audio only DVD-Video, or used master 24 bit files from a 24 bit digital recording.

If you make a menu and graphics and have video clips for a DVD-A then there will be files in both the AUDIO_TS folder and the VIDEO_TS folder. With DVD-A the encryption is much stronger, so a company would much rather release a 24/96 DVD-A than a 24/96 audio only DVD-V.

IMO most DVD authored 24 bit shows should circulate as audio only DVD-Videos (everything in the VIDEO_TS folder) for maximum compatibility, as most people have a DVD-Video player and not a DVD-Audio/Video player. Most 24 bit transfers or recordings are 24/48 or 24/96, so they would be compatible with DVD-Video. For the rare case that you have 24/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/176.4, or 24/192, they have to be done as DVD-A, unless they are resampled.

I don't think TTD allows someone to reauthor a DVD-Video that was already authored with a menu and everything just to add a new menu and graphics. So they might not let someone take a 16/48, 24/48. or 24/96 DVD-A and convert it to audio only DVD-V. Not sure though.

2007-09-13, 12:48 PM
I was thinking of someone making dvda out of cd files to fit all on one dvda instead of 3 cd's etc. I make them all the time and they sound great. I f someone is making their own check sums from their own made dvda how can you be sure it's legite? That is my basic question.
Sorry if the answer is obvious

my program automatically converts all my 16 bit files to 24 bit for dvda. at least disc welder does.

thanks in advance

2007-09-13, 01:16 PM
How can you be sure it is legit? Like not converted to mp3 before being burned to DVD-A? Like this: FLAC torrent seed > WAV > MP3 > WAV > author DVD-A? You must be able to convert the .AOB files or .VOB files to WAV so you can do a spectral analysis, but I'm not sure how. Maybe it would be best to let people make their own DVD-As from FLAC seeds, especially if they are not going to make a menu or surround sound or anything fancy like that.

You don't have to convert your 16 bit files to 24 bit for DVD-A burning, I don't think Disc Welder is doing that for you. DVD-A can handle a variety of resolutions from 16/44.1 up to 24/192. You wouldn't be able to fit as much music on one DVD if you converted 16 to 24, and it wouldn't sound any better. You can fit about 7 hours worth of 16/44.1 on one DVD-A.