View Full Version : Jeez, and I thought a 164Gb drive would last me a while....

2007-08-21, 09:13 AM
Installed in late June of this year, this is what my 'Torrent Data' partition now looks like..... time for an external HDD as well, I think..... :mad:

Regards, Graham

2007-08-21, 09:18 AM
Guess I'll forget about planning any video uploads in the near future.....

Regards, Graham

2007-08-21, 10:37 AM
Hehe. I went from a 10 GB drive when I started torrenting four years ago to an 80 GB drive about three years ago. Now I have a 160 GB drive and I still struggle to keep room for another show I just NEED to download. So, really, no matter what you have, you always need something bigger. :cool:

2007-08-21, 01:59 PM
Same problem here. A 40 GB partition is keeping me very busy.
Guess that a new drive will be way less expensive than therapy.

2007-08-21, 02:29 PM
I win....

2007-08-21, 02:49 PM
I'm sure others have much more storage than I do. Frankly, I don't know how you still cope with drives from the 90's :lol:

I have a 250gig and a 400 gig drive in my pc. I was always struggling with the 250, especially with a dvd burner ;) , but adding the 400 helped alot! Come on, hard drives are cheap, now you can get a terabyte drive for under $400 I think.

2007-08-21, 06:33 PM
running almost 1.5TB right now internal & externals, thats not even counting the old G4 and pc...and there might be 30-40GB free between them all :lol

i'm with homebrew, externals are so cheap now there's really no reason not to have em...hell, you can get a 500GB lacie porsche usb for under $120 now, & the triple interface d2 is something like $175

2007-08-21, 06:52 PM
I win....

You certainly do. I yield. I yield to your acres of hard-drive real estate.....

Regards, Graham

2007-08-21, 06:55 PM
... no matter what you have, you always need something bigger. :cool:

... said the porn star to the priest....

2007-08-21, 07:02 PM
Just got a Lacie D2 250 GB w/ USB 2.0, Firewire400 and 2 Firewire800 ports for $135 from www.newegg.com about a month ago. Has a Western Digital drive, and if the drive ever goes bad, the case can be reused. It has about 90 GB free :lol: Weird, it doesn't seem to be listed on newegg anymore. :hmm: