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2007-08-18, 04:40 PM
Hello, Im using utorrent, and It says firewalled when Im downloading torrents from your site. I checked the information on your link page, and thats similar to reading the phone book backwards. Could you please post some fairly easy instructions on how to open the firewall. thank you.

2007-08-18, 05:23 PM
your utorrent client is set to port: 61230

go into your router (via web browser) and open port 61230

thats the straight skinny.

2007-08-18, 08:03 PM
Go to to get to your router's setup page. Enter the password. If you haven't set one it will most likely be 'admin' Look around for port forwarding, and forward port 61230. You have to check TCP or UDP or both (I forget). Make sure there are no other firewalls blocking you, like a Windows XP firewall (you can set exceptions in it). If there are several computers hooked up to your router, it would be good to set up a static IP address for each computer you want to use bittorrent on. Go to www.portforward.com and use the free guides for step by step instructions. It sounds complicated, but it is really very easy. :thumbsup