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2007-08-12, 06:19 PM

I have a suggestion for a reseed feature that I have found to be awesome, unique, and very effective. I am a member of lossless legs also, and when a torrent no longer has any seeders and it is one you want to download, rather than go to the forums and beg etc, there is a reseed button on the torrent's info page. Clicking this sends a standard pm meesage (containing the torrent info, link etc) to everyone who has downloaded the torrent asking them to reseed. I have found this to be very effective in obtaining inactive torrents probably becasue people do reasd their messages rather than go to the forums and browse around. I have not seen this feature on any other site, but damn it works so well. It is surprising how many people will be helpful if they receive a message. And from a seeders perspective, it means I can file away my torrent after seeding, and if I get a message to reseed, I can whip it out and help someone out.

Just a suggestion, I dont know if it is possible, or how hard it is, but IMHO it has been a fantastic feature and is well worth consdieration.


2007-08-12, 06:36 PM
It does sound neat, but it also sounds obnoxious. I hate getting automated PMs on sites. I could also see something like that being totally overused and filling up a users mailbox with unwanted 'junk'.

2007-08-12, 07:32 PM
hadnt thought of that problem U2Lynne. From experience on the site, it is only used sparingly. I have used it a couple of times over there, and have only received automated messages a couple of times in 6 months or so. I would like to think that if the feature was available, that yobbos wouldnt go pressing a reseed button on a gazillion torrents and ruin it for everyone (misplaced faith in people doing the right thing on my part) I just have seen from experience over there how well the feature works.

And yes it is automated, but it is automated with a very good purpose, reseeding a show, which just in my opinion, I would rather get in my inbox, being someone who has downloaded that particular show and having a bit of responsiblity to help out someone who doesnt have the show.

2007-08-13, 02:42 AM
I don't like it, either... if you want to pm everybody who posted in a thread asking for a reseed go for it... no automation! I would recommend asking for either a mail trade or reseed rather than a straight 'gimmie' msg.

2007-08-13, 03:17 AM
hi five

and the difference between pming everyone on the thread by hand and doing it automatically is what exactly? (apart from making it a whole lot easier to do?)

When I ask for show that has run its course, I also usually ask for a mail trade, B&P or a reseed and one of those options usually works.

The automated reseed message, is just a request if the person is able to, it isnt a staight gimme. It could be worded in such a way that it includes those options to mail trade etc so that both sides get something tangible out of the request rather than being one sided.

When I browse through the inactive torretns and see so many, and there are heaps here, it would be great if there was a easy way of obtaining some of those great shows, rather than going through the process of checking every individual on a thread to see if they are still visiting the site, and then pming those who are until I got an anwser from someone.

Just a thought

2007-08-13, 08:10 AM
LL has less than 10,000 members...there are over 80,000 here. Its not practical here. I also hate automated pm's, plus there are a lot of people who never even check them.

You can just start a thread requesting a reseed or trade.

2007-08-13, 11:23 AM
What is wrong with just bumping the thread (if it's still active) or posting in the ISO forum for the show (if it's in Inactive)?

I have gotten PMs from users that have seen my name listed as a completer on a torrent and I'm not to crazy about it since most of the time I then go check the thread and a) they never bumped it, and b) they don't bother to even 'start' it so you can see there is a leecher on the show! I watch the torrents that get bumped. I also look at the Orphaned Torrents list and I also always look at the seeders/peers list of my torrents in Azureus. I think most people will keep track of things in utorrent or Azureus since it's so easy to do.

2007-08-13, 06:37 PM
thats cool, u2lynne. There are heaps of ways of doing it, and what you say does work for those who pay attention to bumped threads etc.

My idea was just a suggestion, it seemed cool at LL, worked well, but if it does not suit here thats fine.

Just a suggestion in case it can help improve the place even more than it already is. You guys do an awesome job.

2007-08-13, 06:53 PM
a dumb question but what is "bumping" thread? did I miss this is the FAQ? I am rather dim so I may have.

2007-08-13, 06:59 PM
a dumb question but what is "bumping" thread? did I miss this is the FAQ? I am rather dim so I may have.

You just did it.

Oh, so did I.

2007-08-13, 07:09 PM
a dumb question but what is "bumping" thread? did I miss this is the FAQ? I am rather dim so I may have.
Posting in a thread in order for it to be at the top of the forum again - or shown in the New Posts list. Usually people do this to get the thread noticed.


2007-08-13, 11:48 PM
If you need some bumping examples, see user EmptyZero - he's the master of bumping. bumping. bumping. bumping.

2007-08-15, 12:56 PM
enptyzero bumps threads which really deserve bumping :thumbsup