View Full Version : DVD glitch question (stopping & restarting torrent)

2007-08-11, 02:18 PM
Can stopping and restarting video torrents cause glitches in the DVD playback? I recently downloaded a DVD torrent which I had to restart a couple times because my internet connection stopped working, also my BT client also quit on me once. When I am viewing the DVD I noticed a few times when the DVD freezes for a second or so. Could this have been caused by my stopping & restarting of the torrent?

The DL came with an md5 file but am unsure how to use it for video files. I've used them before for audio but not for video. BTW: I am using a iMac running OSX 10.3.

Thanks for any info!

2007-08-11, 11:25 PM
The freezing/skipping problem is more than likely due to your CPU load. How many programs did you have open while you were watching the DVD? Were you watching it from the hard drive or via a burned DVD? Was your anti virus running in the background?

The starting or stopping of a torrent isn't the culprit. Torrent clients ensure that all pieces of the file are identical to the originals.

Of course it might be the original DVD seeded has problems also. What show was it?

Sorry for all the question. Just trying to pinpoint the root cause.

2007-08-11, 11:50 PM
If you're watching on the computer, disreguard the following...

If you have burned the disc, it could be the disc itself. Did you try to re-burn? When I buy a cheap brand of discs, I get this problem once in awhile. :thumbsup

(note to self: don't buy cheap discs) :nono:

2007-08-12, 10:07 AM
Thanks for the feedback. I didn't know that: "Torrent clients ensure that all pieces of the file are identical to the original". That's good to know.

I was watching the burned DVD on my TV, not the computer. It was the Jewel DVD (Joliet, IL) that I was having problems with. I was watching it thru my PS2 which, I'm sure, doesn't help, although all the other DVDs I've DL'ed from this site have played flawlessly on the PS2. The glitches did not appear when playing it on my computer.

I actually downloaded the torrent again, just to see what would happen. Probably just a bad DVD burn, so I'll try that first. Thanks again.

2007-08-12, 10:29 AM
Another thing that I have noticed through the years is if I don't verify the burn, I am asking for trouble. Most burning software (I prefer Nero myself) will give you the option to verify data on disc when you start the burning process. It adds about another 10 min or so to the process, but I'd rather it take a bit longer than have to start over and re-mail or DL the torrent.

Hope that helps some, I ALWAYS verify DVD's.


2007-08-13, 01:43 PM
I actually downloaded the torrent again, just to see what would happen.

Sorry man but it's kind of nonsense. TTD requires to post MD5 checksum - if it is not present in the download it must be on torrent page. You can use MD5 to check if your burn is OK. It takes you a few minutes than hours and share ratio with a new download :wtf: