View Full Version : Bootleg Question??

2007-08-10, 11:30 PM
are yellowdog releases ok to torrent here??

2007-08-10, 11:51 PM
are yellowdog releases ok to torrent here??

what band? Beatles? as in Yellow Dog Sessions CDs?

as long as it isn't 'needle drops' of commercial albums, I believe sessions are just fine.

do you have them all from Silver > Flac? I do and I could help seed. The complete set is 1.33 GB.

or are we talking about something else?

2007-08-11, 07:32 AM
If they are straight rips from the silvers then probably they are. Note that they do appear as 'russian imports' on Amazon for some reason.


I'll leave this for the moderators to decide. :cool:

2007-08-11, 01:58 PM
not russian imports.... Amazon allows just about anything to post posted there, it seems, until someone makes noise about it. Used to be a good guage, but not really anymore.

2007-08-11, 03:49 PM
i need to read the rules better....they got pulled