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2007-08-09, 01:07 PM
Hi, I hope this is appropriate. If not, please let me know. Could someone supply me with an invitation to Demonoid. Or at least suggest where I should post such a request if not here. thanks. If not an appropriate topic for an open forum, you can email me.

2007-08-09, 01:17 PM
Don't they have a weekend once a month for 'free' (ie. non-invitational) registration?

Trader Dave
2007-08-09, 01:27 PM
How much do you have to dl from that site to get invites?

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I haven't had one yet. :wtf:

I'm still working on Oink also

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2007-08-09, 02:49 PM
Most of what is on Demonoid is also scraped by mirror sites Bay,Nova,T_Spy etc,so you don't really need to be a member.
Illegal site & full of ad & spyware anyway.


PS: ....whether you get a torrent now or in 6 months time,you will get what you are looking for. ;)
Gone are the good old days of exclusivity.

Trader Dave
2007-08-09, 02:51 PM
Illegal site

Ooooohhh :D

Salva Veritate
2007-08-10, 01:18 PM
Half the sites on the internet are illegal to a certain extent (including this one) but nobody really cares enough to enforce them all.

2007-08-20, 04:33 PM
thanks you guys.
I only recently was introduced to this world via the fab Purple Chick, MOK, and Fast Eddie SMILE(s). But the more I poke around the more I am convinced tradersden is maybe the place to be. thanks again. M