View Full Version : Bit Torrent Beta ver 3.9.1

2005-03-01, 12:27 AM
Anyone know how to fix my settings on this?

I have my ports forwarded and I'm not showing up as firewalled.
Good news, right, I know.

Well, I'm having trouble keeping my torrents open, once the download has finished.

I'm on a cable modem with my upload speed capped at 22 KB/s. No matter what I pick for my maximum upload speed, the fastest it will upload is 22 KB/s.

Under view settings tab, this is what I see.

Bit Torrent Settings

Seed completed torrents: until share ratio reaches 99 percent, or for 400 minutes, whichever comes first.

Seed last completed torrent: until share ratio reaches 99 percent.

I'd like to change the settings in order to share more with others. I'm sure the first thing someone is going to say is switch clients to Azerus or (insert your favorite client name here) but I want to give this client a try.

Could someone please help me understand the share ratios with a little more detail?

Also, any pros/cons from users on this specific client and version?

2005-03-01, 01:59 AM
just set it to something like 150% or 200% or 4000 hours

or just turn off the automation completely so it doesn't stop on it's own.

I think it's better to stop the torrent manually, because if you're the last seed it's nicer to stay open even if your ratio is 350% or something like that.

what client are you using? is that the "standard" client v3.9.1?

2005-03-01, 06:51 AM
Whoops, I should have mentioned it is the Official Client. If I delete the values in the boxes, will it automatically seed until I manually close down the torrent?

2005-03-01, 05:40 PM
hmmm... I haven't used the official client in a long time.

try deleting the values, then close and reopen the prog and see if they're still gone. that could be the way to do it.

Or else just set the values to something absurdly high to get manual control.