View Full Version : checking for 'copy protect' flag

2005-02-27, 01:12 PM
On older versions of EAC, when you put a disc in the drive, one of the columns was 'copy protected?' which showed you whether any of the tracks had the copy protect flag set.

I found this handy as I sometimes pass discs on to someone who uses a standalone burner and, if the flag's there, he can't copy them.

It seems to have vanished from the latest version.

Other than having two versions of EAC on my machine, are there any other little tools [don't mind command line] which can read/show this flag's status ?

2005-02-28, 04:56 AM
get the older version of EAC and extract it to another folder. then use the older version for this purpose!

since it doesn't have an installer, this shouldn't cause any conflicts.

hope this helps

2005-02-28, 01:11 PM
aye, that's what I was going to do, just wondered if there was anything else that could do it.