View Full Version : problem capturing video to pc smoothly

2007-07-30, 08:08 AM
I recently captured some video i shot to pc.I used windows movie maker to capture and nero 7 to burn.Id had problems before and someone said nero was crap for capturing,although id not had many problems.So i switched to wmm to capture and still im having the same problem.Below is a screenshot from the video i captured,and as you can see it is pixelated,and when the picture pixelates,i get a noise( sounds like an electrical,metally sound).Is this caused by what im capturing/burning with,is it a fault with the burner,or something else??.


2007-07-30, 08:43 AM
Also here is the clip....ive never cleaned the heads on my dv camera either.....maybe thats a hint to do it.


2007-07-30, 01:22 PM
Looks like dirty heads to me.

2007-07-30, 02:38 PM
Im hoping thats all as ive heard someone else say the heads could be worn.Il give em a good clean tomorrow and see what happens.Thanks saltman for replying,i really appreciate your reply. :cool: :)