View Full Version : azureus problem

2007-07-27, 09:40 PM
I've been using azureus for a while now with no problems.using a router and firewall but I port forwarded and it was running great.Green light all the time.just today I get a firewalled message and while on 1 torrent it works ok ,the other won't connect at all.(it has 5 seeds,none in swarm)tried a bunch of torrent sites and shut down,then reopened with no luck, its always firewalled. It worked for 6 months perfectly and I didn't change 1 thing.any ideas would be apprecited

2007-07-29, 06:37 AM
One of the mods suggested in another thread - restart the router?

Regards, Graham

2007-07-29, 08:59 AM
you may want to check your port forwarding again. Ive had my router lose the info a time or two in the past

2007-07-30, 08:30 AM
thanks I rechecked port for but maybe a restart will work