View Full Version : VHS > DVD - Tape Stretch

2005-02-26, 04:56 PM
I have run into a problem while syncing up audio for an mpeg that came from a VHS. There seems to be some major tape stretch and I would like to know if there is any software or methods out there that I can use to correct this. Thanks

2005-02-26, 06:01 PM
try adobe audition... i've heard its a bit tough to use but will fix that problem

2005-02-26, 06:46 PM
I use vegas and adobe encore, do you know if it is possible to do in either of those.

2005-02-26, 07:19 PM
I use Vegas and married up some audio to video that wasn't fitting right - the video was getting ahead of the audio and so I went in and edited out a single frame of video on an existing edit point {so you couldn't see any jump} about every 50 secs through the whole show concentrating where it was noticeably out of sync and it came out really good but it was tedious to do. You can work on a % of time stretch/shrink to apply but if your source was tape based to begin with it might vary during the course of the mpeg and there won't be one 'magic number' to adjust the whole piece.

good luck