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2007-07-25, 06:21 PM
I uploaded way over a Gig, and my share ratio did not go up. I'm using Utorrent. It states that I am Firewallws, but I can both upload and download. What's the deal?

2007-07-25, 06:26 PM
wow a gig.
let me know what happens when you upload two gigs - thats when its time to panic


2007-07-25, 06:29 PM
Go here....


2007-07-30, 12:37 AM
I read that the newest version of uTorrent (1.71) doesn't play nice with trackers and also reports all your bittorrent activity to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). I would ditch utorrent 1.71 and get a client like bittornado 3.18 or Azureus.

IMO TTD should ban 1.71 and other clients that don't play nice, like the newer Mainline (Dime banned it) but that's just my opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.... :lol

2007-07-30, 12:52 AM
and I heard that internet users can receive a cash reward for forwarding messages to test a Microsoft/AOL e-mail tracking system...

here's the thread about the utorrent thing

2007-07-30, 02:05 AM
More thoughts: I think the unreliable clients should be banned not only because it messes with your stats, but more importantly, prevents people from completing downloads. There was someone the other day who couldn't complete when using the newer mainline. The client actually falsely reported that the dl was complete but 1 piece failed the hash check. He or she switched to a better client and completed fine: