View Full Version : FLAC conversion problems

2007-07-23, 04:30 PM
Two of the last few torrents I've posted have had problems reported by downloaders when they've been converting them from FLAC to burn to CD. This has happened despite them testing OK after I've converted them. Here are the torrents:

The following one I re-encoded and re-posted. This is the torrent that's been giving problems:

I used FLAC Front End 1.1.3 to encode the wav files and to test them. They tested fine after encoding, but during encoding I got a "tag guessing failed" message. Might that have anything to do with it? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a lot.

2007-07-23, 05:15 PM
a quick google leads me to believe that error message shouldn't be causing an error with the actual files [although i don't have any personal experience with this one]...i would try re-installing the prog or upgrading to the new version 1.1.4 and see if that helps -- or better yet use Trader's Little Helper [ http://thor.prohosting.com/roh0205/ ]

2007-07-24, 12:13 PM
I downloaded and used TLH, and it seems to be working great! Thanks for the link! I'm gonna hand on to Flac Front End for a while, though, and test with it.