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2007-07-22, 09:18 PM
i have been trying the upload some of my files on the site and when i am making a new torrent i get all the way to the end and then i get hit with INVALID FILE! :hmm: I am doing everything that it is saying to do for a Azureus user
do i have to make a diffrent file for this???????

any help would be Great :) I Have Lots i want to Share

2007-07-23, 01:35 AM
A bit more detail about where 'the end' is ....?

Select 'New Torrent';
Azureus prompts for Announce URL, File or Directory
Click OK on this, and it prompts for a file location for the torrent file to be saved....

Is this where it's tripping up?

Or is it part of the upload process, where the torrent file has been saved, and you 'upload torrent' thru the website dialogue?

Regards, Graham

2007-07-23, 12:05 PM
make sure you are uploading the torrent file and not the actual file that contains your music. this is probably obvious, but am just checking.
should end in (.torrent) :thumbsup

oh yeah - also make sure when you are making your torrent on azurues you are using the correct address for this tracker. that could do it.
good luck

p.s. i find it much easier to use traders little helper for my torrents than the azureus program. it has all trackers listed in it already.

lol evan

2007-07-23, 12:40 PM
I am uploading an AC/DC dvd right now using Azureus. Is it supposed to take 8 to 10 hours to upload a file from here that is 3.89GB?

2007-07-23, 12:47 PM
no not to upload the file - maybe to seed the torrent

your upload of your torrent file should be done in seconds

after you start downloading the torrent that this tracker makes - you will then be seeding the show - it will take at least 3-4 hours before anyone can get whole file
probably take 2-3 days to seed that file 100%.

hope that helped

2007-07-23, 01:06 PM
I saved the file to my videos folder right away and then opened the file with Azureus and after about 2.5 hours I am only at 20%. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something wrong that would cause things to go at such a slow pace.

2007-07-23, 02:27 PM
Stargazer, it is very common for a DVD to take hours, if not a day or so, to download.

offhtewall, did you follow this guide to make a torrent? http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=bittorrent#faq_a_torrent After making the torrent, you should upload the torrent file to our tracker using our upload page (under Torrents in the menu). Then make sure to download the torrent file from the thread in order to seed the show.

2007-07-23, 03:59 PM
I use Azureus, and I got the same thing. I just tried it again from the beginning and it worked.

2007-07-23, 06:08 PM
I didn't do the whole list of things that were described above. I am about 70% done with the upload. And then I don't know where to go from there. I basicallly thought that I could save the file to my computer after it was finished and then I wanted to burn it to a dvdr. I guess I have wasted the whole day for nothing.

2007-07-25, 12:20 AM
i think you are on the right path. i do believe your terminology is the problem here. when you say upload you are really meaning "seeding" i am going to assume. at 3.46 gb it will take a least a day or two for you to seed this 100% however if you are talking about uploading your original .torrent file than you are doing something wrong.

try to upload a music file torrent 1st to see if your problem is even valid.
also you did not answer when asked if you uploaded a .torrent file?
i t sounds like you are uploading the whole video file to this tracker directly. if i am wrong i apologize.

go get traders little helper and use it for making your .torrents. you should have no problem. and read the forum lynne told you about. it helped me a lot!