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2007-07-19, 04:31 PM
I've got a number of broadcasts recorded in the UK, from the digital TV broadcasting system we know as Freeview. Regular TV aerial feeds into set-top box, which outputs a 48kHz PCM signal, which I feed to the digital input on my Alesis Masterlink, which obligingly records at the sample rate fed into it, and performs sample rate conversion at the rendering stage of writing to CDR. TV programmes and radio programmes are both carried in the digital multiplexes.

I'm sure the 48kHz feed to the Masterlink and all that follows is acceptable, but I'm not sure if the signal between transmitter and my set-top box (digibox) is subject to any mpeg encoding or similar.

If any UK readers know, and can clarify, please do; otherwise, I'll keep googling to see what I can find. :hmm:

Can I provide a sample to someone for a spectral analysis? I don't have a clue what I'm looking for with these spectral graphs.

In the absence of anything definite, can I claim 'it sounds alright to me' and upload it anyway....? Maybe not. :nono:

Regards, Graham

2007-07-19, 06:24 PM
Post a spectral or a sample in the Lossy/Lossless forum, the guys there will be able to ascertain if its mpeg sourced or not

2007-07-19, 07:10 PM
from what i understand, pretty much all digi TV broadcasters run their audio feeds using some sort of compression [mpeg, ac3, etc]...

as to whether you can u/l shows from digi TV broadcasts, no -- check out our FAQ for more info on what is required for seeding here at TTD

7. Audio ripped from an MPEG video or DVD is not permitted.
All digital video codecs use lossy audio compression schemes, and therefore audio extracted from an MPEG video or DVD is not permitted for seeding here. The exception to this rule is that DVDs which have been authored with uncompressed LPCM audio are allowed to have the audio stream extracted, compressed to a lossless format, and seeded. This rule does not apply to audio taken from VHS sources, which is permitted with the caveat that no cleaner or higher fidelity version circulates. Audio from VCD and SVCD sources is explicitly prohibited as it uses MPEG layer 2 compression, a less complex form of the shunned mp3 codec. Note that ac3 Dolby Digital audio is also lossy in comparison to the original uncompressed version, and is likewise prohibited for audio-only seeding at The Traders Den.

12. Webcast rips and Digital Satellite Broadcasts are not permitted on The Traders' Den.
At the current time, webcasts and digital satellite radio broadcasts (such as xm radio) are not held to any reasonable quality standards. We are aware that there are some nice sounding webcasts and digital satellite radio broadcasts available in some locations, but at this point it would be a slippery slope to try to regulate what separates quality from not quality in these areas.