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2007-07-18, 03:52 PM
I'm woefully behind in getting my newly collected shows off of the hard drive and onto dvd. It's all shn or flac so I just want to archive them as is. But honestly, I'm deadlocked on how to organize it.

Alphabetically? By group (no other bands mixed in)? No writing on the DVD, even with cd/dvd pens (staedtler lumocolor)?

Not to mention that I have shows from torrents, vines and purchased shows from bands - gov't mule, zero, etc, that somehow needs to be kept track of.

Basically, I would love to hear about your system and how it works for you. I just got to hear some other input so I can get over this 'what to do' deadlock. I really like these cheap WD usb drives, but they are cheap WD usb drives!!!


2007-07-18, 04:48 PM
Well, I'm sure there are better ways, but I just try to fill a data dvd as close to full as possible, hopefully all shows by the same artist but if not no biggie. I then print a label for the disc importing the file names and assign a number to the disc (sequentially works good :D ).

I then delete all of the flac/shn files and just keep the rest which are small enough files, add the archive dvd number to the end of the file name so I can find it easily, cut and paste the file that still contains md5, text, ffp and maybe artwork to a directory where I keep all previous boots so I know in a flash if I already downed a show or not. If I need to I still have the md5/ffp on the hard drive to see if a show is the same version that I already have.

2007-07-18, 07:56 PM
I do like Homebrew101, kinda. I try to fill the DVD to its capacity, preferably with the same artist & number the discs sequentially. I like his technique of saving the md5, txt, ffp files on the HD for quick reference... gonna have to start doing that. Anyway, what I do...

I archive 'em on data DVDs just the way I got them. I number the DVDs sequentially on the inner hub. I use ListMaker (freeware) to quickly create a list of all the files on the disc, then copy & paste it into my "Files on DVD" document. Eventually I move it to a Db, but until then I can use the "find" function to locate folders/files & the DVD they're on.

Minutiae (yes, I'm anal):
I use Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+Rs (000T02) and tend to go for the white inkjet hub printable discs 'cause I can read my labeling easier than w/clear hubs.

I use Sharpies for labeling.

ListMaker: http://www.listmaker.cc/
(During a scan something in ListMaker popped up as spyware. I can't remember what it was exactly but I deleted it and Listmaker continued to work fine. I'd been using LM for about a year and it had been scanned many times, so something new must have been added to the spyware Db. I don't remember what software ID'd it a spyware, but it was most likely Ad-Aware or Ewido (now AVG Anti-Spyware). I update & scan weekly w/A-A, AVG A-S, & Spybot S&D (it runs all the time)... AVG A-V & Windows Defender are always active & do auto-scans (Did I mention I'm anal?).

My "Files on DVD" doc is in rich text format (.rtf). I tried .txt format for speed, but RTF lets me 'bold' or 'color' or use different fonts with more flexibility... with TXT it's applied to the entire document. DOC (.doc) format offers even more flexibility, but it's more than I need and it loads a lot slower than RTF.

When I C&P from the ListMaker TXT doc to my "Files on DVD" document I paste to the bottom so they're listed sequentially. Each individual list within the document is labeled with the DVD number (DVD 0001) aligned to the right (bolded & large font) for quick scrolling/locating and the lists are separated by a line of "*****" (centered, bolded & red)

2007-07-18, 08:46 PM
You'll probably get varied replies on this but here's my 2 cents.
I commented on this a couple years back....and still use the program called "WhereIsIt." Here's the link to the old thread (so I don't have to type it all out or copy pics into the post again).
Take a look and let me know if you have any questions from what I wrote before back then.

The key is to use a standard naming format such as band name_date_venue_ etc. Back when I started I used a mm.dd.yy format, mistake on my part and by the time I realized that yy.mm.dd would've been better I was already in too deep. But it's not too bad finding them yet.

Anyways, if you go to www.nonags.com there are some freeware collection programs there too if you don't want WII. But I'd at least try the shareware version of WII if I were you.

For getting the most on each disc use "Burn-To-The-Brim" which is a free program that you set how much you want to burn to a disc...point it to a folder with your subfolders and it'll figure out what'll fit.

If you have a good database, you really don't have to care about what shows you put where. All you have to do is look up the show in the database on your computer.

Saving your md5 fft files on your drive is a good idea but you can just have that stuff imported into WII as part of your database.

Lots of reasons why I like WII....you can set up different catalogs depending on whether you're listing audio/video/etc, and then if you want to you can temp combine the databases into one so you can see a complete list of what you have for a specific artist in all formats.
Easy export to html....plus since you import the "info" file from the show (automatically) it will include that info file text in your webpage. Here's a link to one of my (older) audio pages. This was generated pretty much straight out of WII with almost no editing or changes made by me. (I mean honestly...I didn't have to take the info files and copy/paste them or anything...WII imports that stuff automatically).
...so, when I do update my collection on my computer it doesn't take me long to update a webpage (I've just been lazy and haven't updated in awhile).

One last thing....KEEP YOUR DISCS SECURED. Meaning, store them properly. Don't leave them laying around your desk exposed to light/getting shoved around....that kind of thing. All my discs (the archived ones) are kept in a dark closet. If you find a show you pull a lot, burn it on a disc to keep out or something. Thousands of discs burned and probably less than 10 ever went bad on me. (Probably plus I only burn them at a most 4X helps too).

As mentioned previously...you can name each disc with something like "ROIO" whatever to keep track. Great thing about doing it the way I do with WII is that ROIODD stands for "Digital Data" (like shn/flac) ROIOAD is "audio data (like silvers and stuff from the old days.) ROIODVD is for video....anyways...then if I want as I said before, can combine them to see what all I have and where it it (since my digital discs are kept in a separate location from regular audio discs and stuff.)

See, I ended up going on forever anyways....sorry! Hope this helps you or anyone else out. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm hit or miss in the forums anymore but I'll try to help as possible.

2007-07-19, 07:12 PM
Thanks for the replies! I got some good ideas now. I do like leaving the structure of the download (rip, whatever) in place and archiving the files. I never thought of it!

I'll give that "WhereIsIt" a try. I'm all for any automation I can get. I sure haven't been able to find anything like it in the unix world. Probably didn't use the right search pattern...

As far as ListMaker goes, it's now free. I may or may not need something like that as I have cygwin on that pc and my unix box access those directories and I can get perl to generate lists. Still, it's amazing how difficult it is to get a directory listing into a file using just windows, much less decorating the list. I don't even know how, except maybe dropping into dos.

I expected to see more sql flavored apps made with music collecting and trading in mind, but in my searches, I couldn't get the wheat out of all the chaff, if you know what I mean. There is db.etree and tapetrader where they will store your collection, but the collection already needs to be in some containerized format, with the ability to export various data as required.

There seem to be a few solutions for cataloging commercial music - ie CDs. But those access freedb or use a upc bar code and scan amazon or some other cd store for a hit and they don't seem to be geared towards shows.


2007-07-19, 10:11 PM
Glad to be of help from my end. Give the shareware version of WII a try and play with the settings/options.
When you first install it (going by memory now from a while back when I last changed it to a different computer) I think you'll have to tell it that you want it to import the details on any "*.info, *.nfo, and *.txt" files (you do no data entry). That's under "Options>Description Settings>Generic Text File Descriptions."
Also choose the import size of the thumbnailed images (coverart) if you want that option. I have it import the cover art for my DVD's but not audio shows just because it would make the list huge for someone trying to download a webpage with it.
By the way, when at the WII website, check out the listings of the plugins (or plugins with the program itself) in the download section.
The program can use a plugin to query info for audio CD's "and' if you use it also for your commercial movie DVD collection it can also download from the IMDB website for movie details.
If you have any questions on set-up options just send me a side message and I can let you know how I have things set on mine. I have mine set so that when I import a DVD of shows I don't have to do anything but push the disc in, enter a disc name and press the OK button.....WII even ejects the disc for me to put the next one in. :thumbsup

2007-07-20, 01:10 PM
There seem to be a few solutions for cataloging commercial music - ie CDs. But those access freedb or use a upc bar code and scan amazon or some other cd store for a hit and they don't seem to be geared towards shows.


I also use a program called CatraXX which catalogs all of my commercial cd's by accessing freedb and filling in all of the cd details and have recently found that most of my boots are also in the cddb so I am now also building a database for my boots. This isn't a free program ($25?) but you just scan the cd and cddb fills in the song titles etc. With the boots, I do tend to change the titles to start with the date of the show yyyy-mm-dd but that's just because I like them in chronolgical order when searching. This program allows you to export data to Excel etc. which I use for trading purposes, i.e. mailing a Excel file with my boot collection. I originally bought it to catalog my 1000's of commercial cd's for insurance purposes.

2007-07-23, 05:29 AM
I use the "dir" command in Command Prompt to make a text file of whatever files are on a disc.

eg. "dir e:\>c:\discxxx.txt"

Works for me.

2007-07-24, 05:41 PM
Burn the files to DVD as data.

Put the disk in a jewel case.

Number jewel cases starting with 1

Create a list using any program.

List the bands in Alphabetical order.

Put the DVD # after the show title on the list.

Now you can burn any different number of shows onto a DVD and place them in order on the TXT file list.

Meaning Aerosmith and Zappa could go on the same disc without problems of locating them. Eliminates organizing files on disc.


Paul Butterfield Blues Band:
1966-09-30 - Fillmore West, Sanfrancisco, CA (4)
1966-10-14 - Fillmore West, Sanfrancisco, CA (4)
1969-01-18 - Concergebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands (4)

Paul Butterfield's Better Days:
1973-12-30 - Record Plant, Sausalito, CA (76)

Peterson /Getz/ Eldige/ Hellis:
1961-xx-xx - Italy DVD (8)

1976-11-05 - Convention Center, Dallas, TX (3)
1978-12-08 - Jaap Eden Halle, Amsterdam, Holland (3)

The Police:
1979-03-04 - Zellerbach Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley, CA (86)
1979-05-24 - Minneapolis, MN (72)
1979-05-25 - Park West, Chicago, IL (86)
1979-10-02 - My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY (97)
1980-08-22 - Les Arenes de Beziers ,Beziers, France (97)

Thats how I do it.