View Full Version : Problem Seeding

Andy Jackins
2007-07-17, 01:49 PM
Why is it that I'm unable to get any leechers on to my seed? Sounds like an esteem issue, but seriously, with the Talking Heads SPAC Torrent and the Johnny Cash 1995 Torrent. I see that there are leechers for both, yet when I open up the torrents no one leeches on? Why is that?

2007-07-17, 03:13 PM
are you firewalled? if everybody is firewalled things grind to a halt.

as far as I can see right now you're not connected to the tracker at all.

2007-07-18, 07:58 PM
Do you have C*mC@<hidden>? There have been some serious issues with them and P2P sharing. :down: I have been having some problems and a lot of others have as well on a few other sites I use. It seems they have started using some software that "prefers" other C*mC@<hidden> customers and will reset you connection to non-customers. At least that is what I understand. The software is called Sandvine.

Andy Jackins
2007-07-19, 03:19 PM
I do have comc*st, but in the past it has never been a problem.

Andy Jackins
2007-07-19, 03:21 PM
Thanks for the response. At the time I posted, I wasn't seeding, but now I am..for Cash 1995 Cumberland, MD and the peer list shows one leecher, yet I'm still unable to up anything.

2007-07-19, 03:56 PM
there is only one person leeching with 6 seeds so that one guy is probably taking as much data as his connection can carry right now. leave it open for a while until some more ppl connect and/or some of the current seeds drop off. also, you could open up another window and seed some extra on another torrent to make up the difference.