View Full Version : Using Vegas 7.0 to Render 24/96 PCM

2007-07-14, 10:33 AM
Hi there. :) I'm trying to do as said in the subject, but Vegas isn't letting me. I have a track that's about 1:17 in length and Vegas gives me an error saying "THE FILE BEING RENDERED HAS EXCEEDED THE MAXIMUM SIZE ALLOWED FOR THE SELECTED FORMAT". Using this audio setting is new ground for me and I cannot find where there are file size limits for this. Anyone have any advice? The audio track is a 24/96 PCM to begin with if that makes any difference. I have loads of HDD space, so that would not be a limit I would not think.

Maybe even a better question: should I bother w/24/96???...



2007-07-14, 01:35 PM
I recently had a similar error converting a 1-bit recording to 24/192 but I'm sure it was a .wav limitation
The WAV format is limited to files that are less than 4 GiB in size, due to its use of a 32 bit unsigned integer to record the file size header (some programs limit the file size to 2 GiB

an hour at 24/96 is about 2GB


2007-07-14, 01:59 PM
OK then. Vegas says nothing about size limitations, but if i make it shorter it renders. Thanks for the input!