View Full Version : mp3 converter? flac to mp3?!!

2005-02-24, 05:43 AM
hey there, ihave downloaded a flac file and know that is needs encodoing to mp3, is there any freeware that will do this or any other help ? thanks

2005-02-24, 06:26 AM
umm... it doesn't need encoding to mp3. you can play the flac files using foobar or winamp (links are below in my signature)

2005-02-24, 08:44 AM
Please read through the FAQ. Converting from FLAC to mp3 is highly discouraged and will make the files you've downloaded untradeable. Mp3 is a lossy codec, and reduces the quality of the audio in the FLAC file.

If you must, programs like dbpoweramp and foobar2000 will make this conversion in one step, but please only do this for your own personal use. Never share lossy files with others as it dilutes the trading pool.

2005-02-24, 11:32 AM
Have a look at www.hydrogenaudio.org for all sorts of information on lossy and lossless codecs and the pros and cons of each. Educate yourself before you say something 'needs' to be converted to mp3.

2005-02-24, 11:38 AM
Maybe there's a language/culture/stoned barrier and he simply wants to convert his FLACs to mp3 for personal use?

I'm sure there's plenty of good tools that can be used, but I like the etree scripts tools from Caleb Epstein. Specifically shn2mp3. They can do this automatically, as well as convert to ogg and tag untagged files. Not for the faint of technical skills though, it's quite a chore to setup... so use something else if you prefer an easier route.

2005-02-24, 12:31 PM
Maybe there's a language/culture/stoned barrier and he simply wants to convert his FLACs to mp3 for personal use?
Maybe, but until he says so, I'm not going to waste time going into the details of how to make mp3s, especially when that's not what this site is about.

2005-02-24, 07:44 PM
ok thanks dude's just wanted to convert them to mp3 so i could burm them onto disc, less you can from winamp????/ so completely useless with tech!

2005-02-24, 07:50 PM
Hey man, if you want to burn them to disc you should get flac with the frontend....decompress them and burn the wav files. In any case if you want to turn them into mp3 that's fine but it can no longer be traded. Should always keep the flac/shns handy in case you want to trade them later.

2005-02-26, 06:24 AM
cheers dude, and thanks everybody shall check it out :)