View Full Version : tracker staus: "ok (dht:)"

Backyard Tyrone
2007-07-11, 10:32 AM
the upload seemed fine but my tracker status in azureus lists "ok (dht:)", and the show is not seeded on the torrent list. i've uploaded a few times recently with no issues. any ideas? please let me know. thanks

2007-07-11, 10:56 AM
Stop your torrent and go into Options and..

Connection - uncheck Decentralized tracking under Peer Sources

Plugins > Distrubuted DB - uncheck Enable the distributed database

Sharing - check Private torrent - only accept peers from the tracker

Also, when making your torrents using Azureus, use this tutorial which sets it to only use peers from our tracker and not DHT: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=bittorrent#faq_a_torrent Notice the third image says to only accept peers from the tracker.