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2007-07-09, 03:32 PM
Hi. I am not sure if this post should go here but hopefully someone can still offer me some advice with it.

I have only been a member for several weeks now, less than a month, and my ratio stands at .40. I know, not horrible for the amount ive DLed, but i do wanna raise it becuase i think it is important to give back if taking so much wonderful stuff. ALL of the ULed amount of mine has come from when i am still downloading a file and people are uploading (as it says in my open Bittorrent boxes). However, when my downloads are complete, i leave the box open becuase i think im letting more people download it from me.

However, as soon as im done dowloading, the box is telling me that despite people still needed the DL, no one is uploading it from me...

So i guess my question is...A) Is leaving my box open upon my downloads completion going to allow other users to continue to upload from me? B)Is leaving this box open the same as seeding a show, because i thought it was? and C) i have no access to shows besides here, and if peole are getting the music from bt.etree, then i really have nothing to offer, yet i want to be even keel in terms of dl to ul ratio. How do you recommend i do that? Can i "seed" a show once i have finished downloading it, if in fact leaving my box open has nothing to do with seeding, as i previously thought it did.

Any help is appreciated.


2007-07-09, 03:57 PM
a) Yes, leaving the window open should allow others to download from you. However, make sure that there are actual leechers who need the show. Also, you are firewalled which means you may only connect to others who are NOT firewalled. There is a link in my sig for portforwarding so you won't be firewalled any longer.

b) Yes, once you complete and leave the window open, you are seeding.

c) You don't need to upload a show in order to make your ratio increase, just leave those windows open for as long as you can.

(Just an FYI, but you are currently not seeding any shows, you are only downloading one - although you are uploading at a good pace on it so I wouldn't change anything right now.)

2007-07-09, 05:56 PM
Thanks U2lynne!

I will look into undoing the firewall. Also, how was it that you saw what i was currently uploading or downloading?

Thanks for your help!

Patty Mac
2007-07-09, 06:00 PM
Also, how was it that you saw what i was currently uploading or downloading?

If you go to your profile there is a category called "current activity on the tracker" and in that you will see what you are uploading and downloading. Sometimes the stats may be a little off if you haven't announced in a while, but for the most part, they are accurate.

2007-07-09, 07:55 PM
Thanks Patty.

One more question for you, U2, or anyone else who may have some firewall info.

The firewall on my laptop via Windows "something, whatever they give college students these days" is "OFF" and has been the whole time. I am on my network at my house now, which also has a firewall system, and this one is "ON". (Im not sure if this makes sense, but this is what the houses comp. expert told me. That cant get turned off, well can, but they wont do it becuase i want to down/upload.

So...is it this router responsible for why im firewalled? and does my Windows firewall matter. I will be starting my Ph.D. and moving out in one week. Im guessing if it is the internet router and not my windows, that i can "un-firewall" once im settled in to my new apt?

Thanks for everyones help.


2007-07-09, 10:54 PM
Most routers are firewalls also. So, you do what is called 'forwarding a port' through them to your computer. That opens up one little port for just one specific computer. So, you look up your router and model number at portforward.com and it explains how to forward a port to your computer for that model and bittorrent client (and also how to set up a local static IP instead of using DHCP).

2007-07-09, 11:28 PM
Are you using a Bittorrent client with encryption, and if you are, is that encryption enabled? That could be once source of your not being able to upload after completing a torrent. Encryption fights various ISP's attempts to throttle or limit bittorrent activity. I used to use a client without encryption, and was not able to upload after completing a torrent. Now I do use a client with encryption, and I am able to upload after completing with no problem. Bittornado 3.18 is a good client with encryption, and Azeurus is also a good client with encryption.

Edit: I see you are using Bittornado 3.10. This version doesn't have encryption. Upgrade to 3.18 and you should have no problem uploading to non-firewalled peers once you complete. When you forward a port in your firewall, you will be able to upload and download to and from both non-firewalled peers and firewalled peers. I use Bittornado 3.18 myself, and it is great. :thumbsup

2007-07-09, 11:39 PM
it's also possible the client is set to seed for a short period after completion so that it automatically shuts down minutes after completion...if the client says you're seeding properly but not connected to anyone, than I don't know, could be your firewall, but if you were connected to leechers before completion, you should be able to connect to them post completion (I would think) regardless of the firewall (though that DOES limit the number of folks you can connect to) so open the ports if you can and give us an update, and also check the settings on the client...tell us what you use and what you find out in your trial and error and I'll add any more advice I may have, and I'm sure someone will help you out...good luck, it's nice to have someone try so hard to share when they aren't forced to (or easily able to) it's a great attitude to have and greatly appreciated friend :cool:

2007-07-10, 12:00 AM
Bittornado doesn't have any fancy features such as auto-shutdown upon completion. I bet it is the lack of encryption that is causing the problem. Are you using Comcast tenismanic? That ISP is known to limit Bittorrent activity. The default encryption settings of Bittornado 3.18 are fine, and use a port(s) between 50,000 and 60,000.


2007-07-10, 10:46 AM
Okay okay!

Yes, i am using comcast, thanks, i will download the 3.18 version, and opening a port will be looked into ASAP.

Thanks again,

Ill let you know how it all works out...