View Full Version : cant burn video ts files on mac!!!

2007-07-07, 01:00 PM
I just downloaded the king crimson video 6-25-1973 and I'm using toast 8 to try and burn it. When i drag the video ts file in it says that it cant be read because of css (content scrambling). I am new to burning with mac. please help me. thanx

2007-07-07, 01:06 PM
css, content scrambling:


a region code issue ?? - or its something you're not to mess with

Mr. Magoo
2007-07-08, 10:54 AM
You could try the following but you will also need MacTheRipper (MTR)

Originally posted on videohelp.com;

Quick Trick:
Take the VIDEO_TS folder into Toast 7 [or 8]
under the Data Tab, select DVD-ROM (UDF)
Drag and Drop your VIDEO_TS there.
Watch the Content slider, if it remains Green, your ok.
if not, change it from DVD to DVD DL.
Go file--> Save as Disc Image.
Target ample space on your computer to save the build.
Click ok.

Once the .toast image is built, and complete,
double click the image to mount in Toast.
Toast will mount this as an Actual DVD.
Launch MTR, re-rip DVD to a new location on your computer.

I had this same issue and I posed this question over at videohelp.com and the above was the answer i recieved. It worked very well for me. Hope this helps you out.