View Full Version : How to burn dvd

2007-07-05, 10:25 AM
I've got a show I'd like to burn to dvd
I have video_TS and an .md5 file, I'm not sure
what I need to do with the .md5.

I read that if you have video_TS that you
need to make an image of it and use disk
utility to burn it (I'm on a mac) with an
empty audio_TS file. But I don't want to screw
it up by ignoring the .md5 incase I need to
do something with that.

2007-07-05, 12:08 PM
this question was just asked for the millionth time a little further down this page...


please use the search function!!

read some of that stuff and if you're still stuck post back and we'll help you out.

2007-07-05, 12:33 PM
Sorry bout that, I'm really new to this.
Thanks for the help.

2007-07-05, 12:43 PM
no probs ;)