View Full Version : Problems with USB Transfer?

2007-07-01, 06:38 PM
This is strange. For a while I downloaded torrents onto my laptop and transfered them with a USB Thumbdrive to my desktop. Now I'm wondering if copying to/from the USB is not totally accurate. I went to reseed something on another site and it turns out I'm at 99.8% (with pieces from some songs missing & artwork missing -- the songs I listened to played fine, but I hadn't listened to the whole set all the way through).

The site lists the torrent in my profile as "completed" and I know I got to 100% on my laptop, so is it possible that USB screwed up and didn't totally transfer everything?

Thanks in advance.

2007-07-02, 03:17 PM
run "test" mode on the files with TLH (some instructions here (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17951)). you can also test using the checksums, that's what they're for.

the other seeder might have altered some small thing (tags, txt file?) that has caused you to only reach 99.8%. those files could well be corrupted until you get to 100% again, who knows what the small difference was.

whenever copying files it is always a good idea to test and/or run the checksums on the copys to be positive that nothing has gone wrong. let me know how the test goes...

2007-07-03, 09:31 AM
Ok I did some tests. All the files said they would decode fine and as expected about 5 didn't match the checksum. I guess the second seeder at Zomb was uploading bad data (I kept downloading the last couple pieces like 20 times & my client dismissed them). Still not sure how I got to 99.8%, but I'm at 100% now so it's all good.

In the future, I will run a test on the files after I have transfered them from computer to computer. Thanks Five.