View Full Version : How Does One Convert ASF files to DVD or AVI on a MAC?

2007-06-28, 07:29 PM
Hey Y'all. I'm trying to convert .asf files to DVD. ffmpegx doesn't do it (or I can't figure out how to do it). I've checked videohelp and doom9. Alternatively, an app that can convert .asf to .avi (or another file type that ffmpegx will recognize) will work also. Preferably something that is freeware but I'll buy an app if it is worth it.

I'm running an intel imac os x 10.4.10.

This isn't for trading. Only my own personal use and to send copies to friends that don't have the means to acquire these videos.


2007-06-29, 08:28 AM
Do you have Flip4Mac (http://www.flip4mac.com/download.htm) installed and, if so, are the files playable (with audio) by QuickTime or VLC ?

If QuickTime + Flip4Mac will play the files you may well find that VisualHub (http://www.techspansion.com/visualhub/) will make the conversion though this forum search (http://www.isquint.org/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=Search&CODE=02&SID=4684f0e16cd1d748) may show problems you could encounter.

2007-06-30, 02:45 AM
Thanks ffooky. I found Visual Hub last night. It seems to do the job.