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2005-02-21, 11:30 PM
Okay, so I used EAC to copy an audio CD and just made an image of it. So I load the cue sheet to burn in and it looks like this:

http://img221.exs.cx/img221/8731/eactracks4ea.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)

So that means there's silence in there? Is it possible to edit the cue sheet so it burns without the silence?

And why do the track#s not line up in the Title and Track columns?

AND... what does index indicate?


2005-02-22, 12:32 AM
??I've never seen something like this.

Can you remove the "blanks" between track 6&7, track 7&8 and track 10&11?

Or maybe just make a whole new cue sheet just to be safe?

whatever you do, burn a test to audio CD-RW then extract again from that disc and compare md5 checksums from both sets. Or use foobar's bit-compare. Then keep fiddling and re-burning until the copy is exactly the same!

hope this helps

2005-02-22, 12:47 AM
Yeah, I can edit out the O Index parts and then it looks normal. I'll have to do the whole test thing tomorrow. I want to rip it in individual tracks to see what happens with those silences. I think they're silences.

2005-02-22, 02:21 AM
Is that a commercial audio CD?

2005-02-22, 04:02 AM
No, it's from a vine of audio discs. Gillian Welch - Working on a Building.

Spe pointed me to some helpful info here:

It seems that having more than one index that are numbered higher than one is like having bookmarks within a track that you can jump to with the right player, but since this one is numbered 0 it is actually the gap.

So I did what someone suggested in there and split it according to indices and it split those out and they were in fact silences. So I then deleted those and just burned the disc without them. I don't get it since they were different sizes. And in the cue sheet one of them seemed to be 22 seconds long, but when I "played" it on WinAmp it said 0 secs and didn't play.

Yet another reason I try to avoid audio format "trading".