View Full Version : Point me in the right direction (Vegas 7 help)

2007-06-23, 02:16 AM
My problem has to do with syncing video to a different audio source. I want to trim the video between the 2nd set and the encore, to match the audio, and need to trim a little off the beginning of the audio to sync with the beginning of the show. I know this question has been asked before, and most of the responses are in some form of "Sony Vegas". Rather than ask how to do this with Vegas, I'm asking if anyone has any recommendation on tutorials or websites where I can learn to do this, or become familiar with this program. I am usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but I have spent the last 6 hours with that program, and haven't figured out how to do anything but preview the video :lol:

Thanks for your advice.

2007-06-23, 07:39 AM

i'm guessing Vegas is similar to FCP, and that you should have a razor or cut tool which will allow you to cut a chunk out of the video where you want to shorten the set break interlude...you can then fine tune by clicking on the video track in the timeline, and moving it left or right to make it shorter or longer...same can be done witht he audio you want to shorten at the beginning

2007-06-23, 01:20 PM
if you have your audio in the timeline.... hit "m" at that place you want to cut off. this will add a marker in this location. then hit "s" to split along that line. then deleter the part you don't want. Then you can use the marker as a snap point to line up with your video marker.

2007-06-23, 01:51 PM
Thanks folks. I got everything trimmed and syncrhonized. Now how do I save this? Originally I created an m2v and ac3 track, but vegas would not open the m2v. I muxed the files, creating an mpeg2 file, and used that in Vegas. Is there a way to save this so Vegas does not re-encode this video? In other, can I just save this as an new mpeg2, with all the originall attributes?

Thanks again.