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2007-06-22, 01:41 PM
AAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

Ok I am just cant figure anything out lately. I am using uTorrent and ONES to burn. I download a show. When I go to ONES Reord Video TS and try and find the show I cant get to it. Can someone walk me through it. Alos I need help to upload shows using this program as well.

Thanls in advance.

2007-06-22, 02:03 PM
use the finder

2007-06-22, 02:07 PM
only you know where you are saving your shows - search by name.

you have selected the correct method to burn a DVD - just one more step of pointing the software to the correct folder.

all will be well :thumbsup

2007-06-22, 03:20 PM
I find the show but it doesnt come up has video ts

2007-06-22, 03:24 PM
did you download it from here - all shows are DVD standard

other sites.. mostly lossy stuff

2007-06-22, 03:33 PM
I downloaded it from here. After I download it am I suppose to do something with it to get out of uTorrent or move it??

2007-06-22, 04:17 PM
it's not in utorrent. it's on your hard drive wherever told utorrent to put it.

If you open utorrent and click on the torrent in question. then click on the general tab at the bottom.... scroll down and in the general area you will see save as:...... this is where you told it to download to. When you are in ONES, this is where you tell it to go when you click on the browse button.

FYI I recommend burning using the medium settings. which burn at a lower speed but are better burns with fewer errors.

2007-06-22, 07:59 PM
Are you sure that the torrent you downloaded has a VIDEO_TS folder? Sometimes people just put the files up without a folder; then you have to create your own VIDEO_TS folder, putting all the vob's/ifo's. etc (ONLY THE VIDEO FILES, no texts or md5's) before ONES can burn your DVD.

2007-06-23, 08:38 AM
How do I make a video TS folder

2007-06-23, 09:50 AM
Just create a new folder, name it VIDEO_TS.

2007-06-23, 10:06 AM
for one, which show are you talking about? give us a link to the actual torrent's page

but basically, here's the best way to do it...

1. locate the show's folder on your hard drive [wherever you downloaded it to]...inside this main folder there should atleast be:
-- a VIDEO_TS folder [which contain .ifo, .bup, & .vob files]
-- an info text file [.txt] and a checksum [.md5]
-- there may also be an AUDIO_TS folder [which will be empty]

2. inside the show's main folder, if there is no AUDIO_TS folder create one [just like creating a new folder for anything else - right-click > create new folder > name it > done]...you will leave it empty tho, but it is necessary to have for most DVD players

3. create a folder called EXTRAS_TS...put your info text, md5 checksum, and any other extra files, such as artwork, in this folder

your show is now ready to burn and should look like this:


1. open ONES & click on Data Mastering as your project type
2. drag all 3 folders [AUDIO_TS, EXTRAS_TS, & VIDEO_TS] to the project window
3. Burn [i usually choose 4x speed and also check the "Verify" option]