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2007-06-21, 03:50 PM
Is there a reason that people using uTorrent 1.7 beta don't show on the list on the TTD age as peers. But they do on uTorrent itself.
And are they counting in the stats of people who are connected to them?

many thanks


2007-06-21, 04:35 PM
that is always the case for me too....

2007-06-21, 05:13 PM
I see a bunch of them showing up (just looked at the recent Tool 1993 show). Perhaps the ones you are seeing are connecting via DHT because you still have it enabled?

2007-06-21, 05:44 PM
I don't have DHT enabled.
Does it make any difference that I can se them in uTorrent, but they aren't on the peers list on TTD?

2007-06-21, 05:46 PM
maybe 1.7 isn't announcing correctly? Someone would need to take a look at the scrape ack data between the server and client

2007-06-21, 06:20 PM
What torrent are they on? And maybe the first three parts of their IP. When I looked at the Tool show, there were several people using utorrent 1.7 that were listed in the Peers list, so if they aren't showing up, then it is something they are doing, I would think. I just looked at our list of peers and there are over 300 peers on the tracker using that particular version of utorrent. I can't think of why they aren't showing up.

2007-06-21, 06:26 PM
I don't have DHT enabled.
Does it make any difference that I can se them in uTorrent, but they aren't on the peers list on TTD?

But do you have peer exchange enabled? Also on the torrent in question is there any way to see if the uploader made it did they set it as a private torrent or not?

2007-06-21, 10:17 PM
I have tried it with peer exchange on and off (my norm is on) and it makes no difference.

Pete Seeger torrent Torrent ( Pete SEEGER xxxx-xx-xx Compilation 1940s-2000s (NTSC)) is a good example

2007-06-21, 11:22 PM
This one? http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37544&highlight=Pete+Seeger

I see you seeding and I see one leecher and both of you are using utorrent 1.6

2007-06-22, 01:17 AM
Yes, and on uTorrent I have 2 leechers and 1 is using 1.7B.

2007-06-22, 11:31 AM
The only way they can connect to you is if you somehow still allow decentralized tracking to go on. In Azureus, the option is listed in several different places and you have to turn them all off. I would probably also ban them from connecting to me.

2007-06-22, 12:43 PM
Thanks for that.

i have uTorrent 1.6.1. How would I do it there. And are they leeching without being accounted for by TTD?

BTW, they seem to have gone now.

Thanks again