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2007-06-17, 06:35 PM
I see when i place a wav cd in my pc - gracenote can find the bootleg cd's and name them. Program is at folloowing. real good if you have cd's already burned. However i ma looking to get info begore i burn so all my cd players recognize the song names and such.


I was wondering if anyone knows the code used -if there is one- to access the server for access to database for other programs other than winamp?

I can't beleive all the info this thing has in it, it recognizes all my zep, Beatles,Doors,and stones bootlegs. The only problem is i have to burn all music to discs first - it won't recognize from files. The program i use -orangecd - utilizes the freecddb for recognition, and doesn't get the boots. It's useless for this.
I emailed gracenote, but to no avail. guess they only want corporate vendors who will pay big bucks for service.
If anyone has any info on this please PM me or write it here, this would be of great help.

Thanks, for all and any help. ;)