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2007-06-15, 09:44 AM
Forgive my ignorance, but I use Azarues as my flac download client. I've noticed something that I can't seem to figure out:

When I look at the "peers" tab on the file info, it shows the download and upload speed of every computer in the swarm. Often times, the total combined download speeds are far, far slower than the upload speeds.

How can that be? If one person is uploading a packet of information, wouldn't it follow that someone else must be downloading it (since there's no central server?) And therefore, wouldn't the total download and upload speeds have to be same?

Not that the question is important in any way.....Just interesting to me in some weird way.

2007-06-15, 10:06 AM
Actually, the Peers tab only shows the upload and download of those peers from/to you. So, it shows how much they are downloading to you and how much you are uploading to them. If the upload is greater than the download they it may be that you just have 'more' of the show and therefor you have more to share (upload) and don't need to get much (download).

2007-06-15, 10:30 AM
Ok, so I use the Official Bittorrent. I have been DL a show from here for days, Phish 2/16/97. I have like 44 peers. When I look at the DL/UL rates, I am only DL/UL from 2 people with the total of the speeds = what my rates are. Everyone else says O kb/etc...My client says "ports open," as posted in another post, I am firewalled under my user name here. Why am i not DL/UL from the other 42 peers???? thanks alot.

2007-06-15, 11:02 AM
Everything looks fine on the Phish show. You've been on the show for a bit over a day and uploaded and downloaded a bit over 2 GB. That's not bad at all. You are showing as firewalled. You may want to go to canyouseeme.org and check port 6881 there (that is the port you are showing up as using). I would suggest changing ports though since that is a well known bittorrent port and some ISPs are getting wise to that and may be actively blocking it. I'd pick a port between 40,000 and 50,000. Make sure you input that port into BitTorrent, your router, and your firewall (if you use one).

2007-06-19, 09:58 PM
U2Lynne, You are so helpful and great to respond quickly.

So, I had asked about the Phish show I was DL for the past week. I think it took about 6-7 days. Well now it's done. I DL at 30- kb tops all week, but mostly 10-29 kb.
It said Firewalled on TD under my name and my bittorrent said ports open.

So, now the show finally finished, u indicated that I had only been on for 1 day, it had been 4 days. AFter 7, it's done.

I went to canyouseeme? it said "error, something, something." So I don't know if they could see me, and couldn't check that port.
I tried to change ports to 40000, but saw no diffence and went back to 6881.
Anyway, now I do not have "FIREWALLED" under my name, I am DL the GD show 9/19/87 at a rockin 148 kb and strong.
Only DL from a few peers though. But those peers are UL at 50 or so each. J

Just wondering why all this is? Sorry about this quadruple-barrelled question. Does all this make sense? Can you explain to me>?
THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!