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2007-05-30, 06:33 PM
Hi folks

I am looking for suggestions and advice about hosting my list of boots on the internet. Up until now I have used a downloadable excel sheet which listed everything that I had to download from a webpage...not everyone likes downloading files though.

So...is there any way i could easily publish, update and maintain my list EASILY online? Tapetrader.com is an option, but what happens if this closes etc? So ideally I want my own private space I have control over and is accessible for the "public".

Thanks in advance


2007-05-30, 06:50 PM
godaddy.com? :D

i use etree right now, plan on moving to my own site... not just for taping reasons, but anyway.... also, you see lots of people with freewebs.com sites, i imagine geocities is still out there (although! i! think! its! owned! by! yahoo! now!), and sites like that too. anyway. my 2 cents

2007-05-30, 06:59 PM
to make your Trade List 'friendly for individuals' - export Excel file to HTML or PDF

you could still keep your master trade list in Excel.

2007-05-30, 07:16 PM
second thought.. most 'online lists' like db.etree.org
will allow you to import your entire list from a CSV file (comma separated value)

Open Excel File>File>Save As>(change type to)CSV

here is their import instruction page:

2007-05-30, 07:26 PM
For hosting you could always check with your provider. Comcast for example lets you set up a webpage.
And I'll toot my usual horn.....I use a program called "WhereIsIt" that works great as a collection tool. Once set up all I have to do is put a disc full of lossless shows (all in their own shows and such) and it imports the info file and imports thumbnails of the artwork. If it's DVD video, all I do is copy/past the info file in and direct the program to wherever the art is and it imports as a thumbnail. It exports to MS formats such as Excel/Access/and just as important HTML. Take a look at one of my pages here:
This listing took me about 5 minutes to do. 2-3 minutes for the export to HTML, a minute to open in Frontpage (I like to change the borders to white) and then upload to Comcast.
If you don't want to pay...the program will let you do smaller databases (forget the size, although I think it's a gig limit). I set up a separate database depending on lossless/CD (silver)/CD (non)/LP/Tape/etc. If I want to combine all into one master listing I can do that too.

Anyways...everyone has their own favorite. But....at least I did stick somewhat to the topic by mentioning looking into your own ISP and HTML. :) If if costs too much for registering a site, maybe you can get a trading buddy to share the costs.

One last note. If you go to www.nonags.com and search their site for catalog there are some free programs out there that will set up your collection and I think do the Excel/HTML export as well. I haven't checked any of them out for a long time though.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Personally I like to keep my listing in my own hands and don't trust an on-line site for going down.