View Full Version : Azureus locking up Vista

2007-05-25, 07:58 AM
I've been having a lot of trouble lately running Azureus under Windows Vista. It seems that after a few hours of downloading, I get the blue screen of death, with a kernel error or something like that noted. This only seems to happen when Azureus is running. I've checked the Azureus Wiki, to no avail, and there are no updates or service packs for Vista yet. Any suggestions? I'm seriously tempted to downgrade to XP. I'm not at all impressed with Vista.

2007-05-25, 09:13 AM
i run shad0w's, and had no problems with that in vista... however i didnt like vista very much, too resource happy, i downgraded...

2007-05-25, 09:36 AM
You may want to try capping your upload/download speeds so they will never get to their max - like if you max upload speed is normally 52, try capping it to 45. See if that changes things. You should probably post in the Azureus forums and look around there to see if anyone else is having the problem. (Also, just to let them know in case it is something they can fix.)