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2007-05-20, 06:37 AM
the past 3 uploads that i have started, they are taking over 150% upload to this tracker before anyone gets 100%


for example mine is at 97% upload, and all downloaders are still back at 65% - i don't understand. shouldnt at least one person be keeping up with me, or the tracker i mean, or is the tracker not keeping up with me "that i find not possible"

please help if able, I like my client, don't want to change. azurues 3
I used to get it up at 1:1 ratio all time. :hmm:
also thought it sent different files to different people so that the whole could get there much faster. is that not the case?

thanks, evan

2007-05-20, 07:29 AM
Use super seeder mode. This will ensure that you only have to upload 100% (one copy) of the file by uploading only the pieces that are necessary to the leeches (pieces they don't have yet). Super seeder should only be used in the initial seeding/reseeding and can really slow down a torrent if a lot of people use it.

2007-05-20, 07:38 AM
give it a shot, thanks :thumbsup

2007-05-20, 10:55 AM
What happens Evan, is that you upload pieces of the show to different people. Then, it is up to them to distribute their piece to others, so they get that piece also (but not directly from you). When you are in Super-Seed mode, your bt client looks to see who is sharing the pieces you give them the fastest/the most, and then they give priority to that person to get more pieces. So, a show gets distributed faster if you are in Super-Seed mode. If you aren't in SS mode, then your bittorrent client just keeps handing pieces out randomly to the users and counts on them to do the right thing and distribute those pieces to others. Here is a blurb about it:

2007-05-24, 09:38 PM
finally to let you all know it works fine now, i understand. also i am as the wiki and lynne's paper told me to superseed only for first initial seeding.
I guess when i 1st set up azureus i had that on, i been learning alot in the past month, tinkering with all my settings ,and getting that foobar looking good with panel and all, gotta love it. from nothing to over 500MB of music not too shabby.
thanks for all the help, always appreciated. :)