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2007-05-16, 11:36 AM
I hope some of you can help me out with this issue . Two Weeks ago I set up a three DVDs trade with a friend of mine but since I run out of Blank DVDs I couldn't burn one show so I kept it on my HDD and sent out my only copy . A couple of days later I extrated it from my HDD (DVD Decrypet) onto a Sony DVD-R , so far so good , no errors :thumbsup so I erased the ISO image but after a few days and by request (My friend got all their DVDs broken) I pull it out in order to make a new copy but the DVD was empty , I tried DVD Shrink -DVD Decrypter - Nero - ISO Image - 05 DIfferent DVD Players but there was nothing on it.

I always check my DVDs so I can be sure they play well (PC - DVD Player) , well not in this case :down: .

Is there any way to get that ISO image?

2007-05-16, 01:02 PM
Depends on how long ago you deleted it from the Bin and what you have downloaded since.
When you delete something from the bin you are giving Windows absolute permission to rewrite over those sectors where that ISO once stood.It is still there until you store something else on the drive even after deletion.
Therefore,if you have not downloaded much since deletion and your drive wasn't too full then you have a chance.

Try a proggy that is fully funtionable for 30 days called TuneUp Utilities available HERE (http://www.tune-up.com/) and use the tune up undelete facility once installed.

Good Luck


2007-05-16, 01:13 PM
I'll try it , Thanks.

2007-05-16, 07:58 PM
Is there any way to get that ISO image?

You can try running ISOBuster on the DVD-r disc.