View Full Version : Adding Chapters & Menus question

2007-05-02, 04:36 PM

I have several proshot DVD's from European Jazz festivals. The majority of them do not have a menu or chapters.

I have been using TMPGEnc DVD Author to create a simple menu with chapters at the song breaks.

Is this considered reencoding? If so, am I degrading the quality of the recording in any way if I only add a menu and some chapters?


2007-05-02, 05:47 PM
Depends on version and setting you use. 1.6 has no video re-encoding capability. However, it's possible to transcode audio. I don't know version 2.x but new 3 can re-encode both audio and video.

Check information on clip stream and compare it to 'track setting' option in 'Source setup' window. In default setting TMPGEnc DVD Author does not re-encode the source (unlike most other authoring programmes). So, you won't degrade anything. Moreover, TMPGEnc corrects some errors in video stream which very often are present in captures made by older stand alone recorders.

Hope it helps,