View Full Version : DVD download finished ? Or still incomplete ....

2007-04-29, 10:15 AM

over the past weeks I noticed four or five timers that a complete / finished dvd d/l is still incomplete. Sometimes (especially late at night) I have to shut down the pc a few minutes after the d/l is finished, next day after restarting the torrent for seeding I have to download something between less than one MB or up to 3 - 4 MB, right now this happens with the Avril Lavigne show.
The "finished" d/l startet at 99.99 grabbed 0.78 MB changed (again) to download succeeded and from that moment I'm a seeder. The checksum file and one of the vob files was "updated" today although nothing was was changed. (@<hidden>)

What is wrong here, especially with dvd d/ls as this happened only one time with an audio download, but (sorry) again it was this site. Anny help / explanations are welcome, thanks in advance.


2007-04-29, 12:16 PM
This isn't a tracker issue, the tracker does nothing in regards to the actual files. It could be a torrent client issue, I suppose. I use Azureus and I have noticed it sometimes appears that a torrent is downloading/uploading, but all Azureus is actually doing is talking to other clients, thus the uploading and downloading going on.

The only other thing I can think of is if you opened up a file from the torrent, like the text file, and then saved it after you opened it. The torrent would then think it is changed (even if you didn't do anything to the file) and then redownload the 'chunk' that includes that file (and that 'chunk' could include a part of another file).