View Full Version : my webhost doesn't like my TTD collection :)

2007-04-22, 08:42 PM
so much of what i get from ttd (and other similar sites) is so highly collectible and almost irreplaceable, so i started thinking, what if i imported them all into my itunes library and then uploaded them to my personal web site in a private area? at least i'd have offsite storage for my most precious collection. my web host allows me a few hundred gigabytes or something - plenty of space.

i know the bottleneck is my upload speed, but over the past month, i succeeded in uploading about 30gb to my web site.

i just got a notice from my web host (lunarpages). they basically said that during a routine audit, they noticed some disk space being used for "non website operational purposes" and pointed me to this clause in their terms of service:

"You understand and agree that shared server space is for business and personal website operations purposes only and not for unrelated data storage."

then they go on to say: "Please confirm that all uploaded files are publically available and related to your web site. Also, can you please provide a document confirming you are entitled to redistribute these files."

as for the last part, it's ridiculous - what do they want me to do, take a picture of me holding all my cd's? (and what would they know anyway?)

they also say: "The content is not allowed because it is of no relation to your website."

all the uploaded files are NOT publically available, because obviously i can't have 100's/1000's of people downloading them. but i have a clients area on my web site where documents are also not "publically available" and lunarpages doesn't bug me about that.

i'm a musician (and my web site reflects that) so i could try to justify it as being related to my work.

any suggestions for how to respond?

i'm also a little spooked that they're going through my stuff.

suggestions? time to change web hosts? :) anyone know any that have reasonable prices (i'm paying about $7/month) and less strict terms of service?

2007-04-23, 01:43 PM
ignore it

2007-04-23, 04:09 PM
i'm also a little spooked that they're going through my stuff
archive to dvdr
use external hardrives to store your sh*t ;)