View Full Version : Great Trader: aikox2

2007-04-21, 07:52 PM
Actually he offered some goodies @<hidden> the B&P forum so IMO he's better than a great trader because he's offering us great shows all you have to do is pick as many discs as you want from his list.

I hope someone leave a better feedback than mine 'cause I know I'm not the only one who's he has helped. I know I'm not very good with words but I've to show my gratitude somehow.

Thank you Scott :wave:

- Arnold

Luis Ferreira
2007-05-05, 10:02 AM
Fast,Honest and Reliable Trader.

Great List.

He,provides all info required.

All in All, he is a Top Trader.

Thank you so much Scott

Joe Carr
2008-06-29, 08:25 PM
Great reliable trader AIKOX2 :D

Do not hesitate to make this trader
one to make a deal with ...

2008-07-12, 10:36 AM
I've only been a member here a couple of weeks- but this place is full of good people! I've done two B&P's and a trade so far, and had nothing but excellent results. I've had the pleasure to deal with:


...all good people. Deal with any one of them if you can, you won't be let down.

2008-08-13, 08:48 PM
Great, friendly communication and a huge help with some B&Ps to get me started.

Thank you!!!!